Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accepted at Arcane

Just got news from Nathan Shumate at Arcane that he's accepted my short story Beneath the Arch of Knives for an upcoming issue.

It's another in my Shining Cities sequence, taking place in the city of PameMurias, and concerns the rivalry between two gentlemen of that particular place - Ossoro Volonte and Churel Lobishomen.

I'm particularly pleased about this not least of all because of Arcane's wonderful subtitle of 'penny dreadfuls for the 21st century' and the fact that the team of Nathan Shumate and publisher Sandy Petersen (he of Call of Cthulhu fame) have a real love of and respect for the old pulp tales.

You can find out more about Arcane here:

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  1. Congrats! And perhaps we'll share a ToC -- I recently received similar good news from Mr. Shumate. Have you checked out their first issue on Amazon? It looks goooood.