Saturday, January 2, 2010


For aficionados of sword and sorcery, Charles R. Saunders is one of its great, unsung, heroes. His Imaro novels are wonderfully written, action packed fantasies set in a mythical Africa.

The long-awaited fourth Imaro novel Imaro: The Naama War is currently available from Saunders’ own Sword and Soul Media.

"Warfare on a cataclysmic scale is convulsing the continent of Nyumbani from north to south. Soldiers fall. Cities burn. Blood reddens the sea. Sorcery sears the land. Deities gather in opposite dimensions, poised to unleash unimaginable cosmic power on a land already battered by the conflict between the Cushites of the north and the Naamans of the south.In the midst of this massive struggle, Imaro, warrior of the Ilyassai, wages a personal war against his nemesis, the sorcerer Bohu of Naama. This individual vendetta mirrors the larger clash between the forces of good and evil – a confrontation that threatens to tear Nyumbani apart. The destiny for which Imaro has been honed like a living weapon now lies directly before him. Imaro vs. Bohu. Cush vs. Naama. War. Magic. Blood. Fire. The losers in this wide-ranging battle for the fate of a continent face oblivion. But the winners will not emerge unscathed."

If it’s anything like the other novels in the series, it should be brilliant.


  1. These are a series of books I am going to pick up for the New Year.

  2. I have the first two. I NEED the third and fourth books.