Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For those who might be interested, I have a few new short stories due to be unleashed upon the world shortly.

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, the new issue of which should be online in a day or so, features Ancient Shades and the return of my middle-eastern sword and sorcery hero Tulun of Birjand. The story is a companion piece to The Black Flowers of Sevan which appeared in the first issue of HFQ.

The July issue of Jupiter SF will contain The Earth Beneath My Feet, one of my increasingly rare forays into science fiction and is a love story (of a kind) centred upon the idea of psychic travel.

Later in the year Innsmouth Free Press will feature The Song of Tsuggaroth, my homage to Clark Ashton Smith and the first of a projected series of 'Mythos Sword and Sorcery' tales which I am currently working on (the most current of these, The Dreamer in the Abyss, is tantilisingly close to having its first draft completed and is mentioned here primarily for the purposes of giving both myself and my muse a metaphorical and much needed kick-start).

After that, Forged in Heaven, Tempered in Hell will be part of the Ricasso Press anthology Through Blood and Iron also due later in the year. A tale of swords, redemption of a kind and blind-savant gods, it comes replete with lashings of the old ultraviolence and red, red kroovy.

Something for the whole family, then (depending on what your family is like).

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