Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Phantom Queen Awakes

My contributor's copy of The Phantom Queen Awakes arrived today, brightening up what might otherwise have been a dull and rainy Wednesday.

It is, to say the least, a rather handsome object, beautifully put together with a wonderful cover by Reece Notley and equally wonderful interior art by Cecily Webster.

A themed anthology based around the Morrigan - one of the most powerful Celtic gods - the writers involved include Katharine Kerr, Anya Bast, Elaine Cunningham, C.E Murphy and... well, me (with the story The Children of Badb Catha which is set in an alternate time line where the Romans invaded Ireland).

It's both humbling and energising to appear alongside these writers, particularly in such a quality product. And it was a delight to work with the editors - Mark Deniz and Amanda Pillar - who were thoughtful, insightful and utterly professional every step of the way.

Trust me, your life will not be complete until you own a copy of this book.

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